Before starting work, a permit must be applied for from the Berlin Immigration Service (Labo), Friedrich-Krause-Ufer 24, 13353 Berlin.

Who do I need to inform?

The Laf must be informed at the latest on the third day after starting work (Section 8a AsylbLG). This applies to every job (also for: mini-job, voluntary work, internship, federal voluntary service).

What documents do I have to submit to the LAF ?

At the start of work, the employment contract / internship contract / federal voluntary service contract or the trainee contract must be presented.
After that, pay slips must be submitted.

Health / family insurance

If the employer registers with the health insurance company, all family members must have family insurance.
Chip cards that you have received through the LAF must be returned to the LAF .

Will my income be taken into account when granting benefits?

Yes. Every income that is generated is counted towards benefits. You will be left with a tax-free allowance for income earned from an activity. This means that not all of the income is counted towards the benefits. More information can be found here: Income credit

Do I have to contribute to the accommodation costs?

If your income exceeds the monthly benefits of you and your relatives, you must contribute to the accommodation costs (rental or dormitory costs). The exact amount will be communicated to you.